We are Higher Forge Productions

We are a video production company focused on creating fresh and innovative material for our clients. Our goal is to make the process as personal as possible by creating strong relationships with each client so that they can be as involved as desired. We are a team of passionate dreamers who work to put forth the highest quality we can provide for the greatest satisfaction. We strive to make our material affordable and accessible, and we have high standards for the quality and content we produce.

Amira Williams, Owner

For as long as she can remember, Amira has shown her organizational skills and artistic ability. Having been set on a performance track for most of her life, she has learned the art of performing and has a director-oriented mind. She was often put in charge of activities and would strive to lead her peers and team members to success by collaborating well with them and other leaders. She has been very fortunate to explore her creative passions by also being very involved in church ministry with participating in and then later directing the youth drama team for five years. Amira has a B.A in theater from Armstrong State University. While at college, she developed a very close relationship with Chris Bevill, and she began to take a huge interest in the film side of the entertainment industry. She worked on a professional movie set and learned some of the ins and outs of the production aspect. As Operations Director and co-Artistic Director, Amira evaluates how the business operates. She will ensure financial and other agreed targets are met, focus on client satisfaction, handle all legal documents and contracts, operate all promotional marketing material, assist in camera operating, and help direct actors on set.

Chris Bevill, Owner

From a very young age, Chris displayed a vast amount of creativity. Growing up in the church with his tight-knit family, he had many opportunities to show his creative talents through being involved in performances, productions, the praise band, and being a part of mission work. Through being in several bands, he has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience with music and equipment. Chris has a B.A. in theater at Armstrong State University. Through his time at college, he has developed many priceless resources. He worked with the university’s media production team as a camera operator. Chris has been involved in several movie sets and commercials. He has displayed an amazing passion for the entertainment industry and always strives for excellence in his work. His passions soon led to the development of a production company. Chris is in charge of the executive decisions on set and operates the camera. As Executive Director, he constantly ensures that the company is heading in the direction of the vision. Working closely with the Operations Director and being the co-Artistic Director, he guides the company with passion and enthusiasm and works to provide a positive and cohesive professional working environment.